Being stuck in fight or flight – how to manage acute stress response

Do you feel agitated all the time? Do you happen to “lose it” over the smallest thing? Does it feel like you have to constantly defend yourself and your choices? When everything feels like a threat you are probably stuck in fight or flight mode. What is the fight or flight response? The fight orContinue reading “Being stuck in fight or flight – how to manage acute stress response”

Learning To Respond Rather Than React

Fight or flight mode  The fight or flight mode is an automatic physiological reaction. It is activated when there is an event that is perceived as threatening. The fight or flight mode was developed during our evolution as a tool to increase one’s chances of survival. In today’s world the occurrence of actual life/death situationsContinue reading “Learning To Respond Rather Than React”

Messy home, messy mind

We all know that bad mental health affects how we take care of our home and body. Stress, anxiety, depression – they all have this in common. They make it harder to care for yourself and your surroundings. However it could work the other way around, too. Keeping a tidy, orderly home can have beneficialContinue reading “Messy home, messy mind”