How To Break The Habit Of Negative Self-talk

Words have power, the words we say to ourselves even more so. The way we communicate with ourselves shapes the way we see and experience the world.  There is an internal dialogue in each and every one of us that helps us process and make sense of our experiences. How you talk to yourself isContinue reading “How To Break The Habit Of Negative Self-talk”

Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One

What is a routine? A routine is a set of unvarying, regularly repeated actions. It usually consists of habits – a series of unconscious actions, convenient and predictable. Creating a routine requires work and attention, but once in place, your routine becomes automatic. There could be various types of routines: a workout routine, a skin-careContinue reading “Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One”

The easiest way to start a good habit

To start a habit stick it to a habit you already have What is a habit? A habit is an automated action. An action you do not have to think through or plan. A habit is something you do without even noticing. Turning on the lights as you come into your room becomes a habit.Continue reading “The easiest way to start a good habit”

Self-Motivation Through Daily Habits

What if I tell you you’re not lazy. You just lack motivation. Yes, you procrastinate even the smallest tasks, you slack at work, school and at home. You barely get anything done besides the bare minimum. Not because of a personal trait, but because you haven’t found the right motivation. However motivation cannot be found.Continue reading “Self-Motivation Through Daily Habits”