How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Self-Care?

Have you caught yourself feeling guilty and ashamed for taking some time for yourself?  Is your “me time” filled with stress and anxiety?  You are not alone. And here’s a simple tip on how to change that. Self care vs self-indulgence First things first – what is self care? Not every form of feel-good recreationalContinue reading “How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Self-Care?”

Design Your Environment for Success – Home Office Edition

There are numerous factors that determine how likely you are to succeed in achieving your goals. Motivation, self-discipline, consistency being top of mind. One factor that is often overlooked is your environment. The place where you work and things you surround yourself with can set you up for either success or failure. If you workContinue reading “Design Your Environment for Success – Home Office Edition”

Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One

What is a routine? A routine is a set of unvarying, regularly repeated actions. It usually consists of habits – a series of unconscious actions, convenient and predictable. Creating a routine requires work and attention, but once in place, your routine becomes automatic. There could be various types of routines: a workout routine, a skin-careContinue reading “Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One”

Self-Motivation Through Daily Habits

What if I tell you you’re not lazy. You just lack motivation. Yes, you procrastinate even the smallest tasks, you slack at work, school and at home. You barely get anything done besides the bare minimum. Not because of a personal trait, but because you haven’t found the right motivation. However motivation cannot be found.Continue reading “Self-Motivation Through Daily Habits”