Design Your Environment for Success – Home Office Edition

There are numerous factors that determine how likely you are to succeed in achieving your goals. Motivation, self-discipline, consistency being top of mind. One factor that is often overlooked is your environment. The place where you work and things you surround yourself with can set you up for either success or failure. If you workContinue reading “Design Your Environment for Success – Home Office Edition”

Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One

What is a routine? A routine is a set of unvarying, regularly repeated actions. It usually consists of habits – a series of unconscious actions, convenient and predictable. Creating a routine requires work and attention, but once in place, your routine becomes automatic. There could be various types of routines: a workout routine, a skin-careContinue reading “Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One”

Creating To-do lists that actually work in 7 simple steps

What is a to-do list A to-do list is the cornerstone of productivity. You cannot expect to be productive without properly organizing your workload. Simply put, a to-do list is a list of tasks you need to get done. And because it is so simple many people do it wrong. Why to do lists don’tContinue reading “Creating To-do lists that actually work in 7 simple steps”

Developing self-discipline – take control of your life

Understanding self-discipline Self-discipline is essentially the ability to control your actions and behavior, irrespective of your emotional condition. It is being able to delay gratification in order to focus on your long-term goals. Self-discipline requires willpower to overcome impulses and do what needs to be done, instead of what you’d enjoy doing at this moment.Continue reading “Developing self-discipline – take control of your life”

Multitasking or multiple distractions – the productivity myth

It is a popular opinion that multitasking is the king of productivity. When you try to envision a highly productive person he usually does multiple things at once. Or so it seems. Studies have confirmed that multitasking is a myth. The brain just doesn’t work that way. What really happens when you try to multitaskContinue reading “Multitasking or multiple distractions – the productivity myth”

3 Simple Time Management Techniques

What is time management and why do you need to get better at it? We all have 24 hours in a day at our disposal. Then why do some people seem to be able to do more and accomplish more than others in those same 24 hours? They are better at managing their time. InContinue reading “3 Simple Time Management Techniques”

Productivity For Beginners – Two Simple Steps

Ever found yourself with so much going on in your head, so many things that you need to take care of, that you just… freeze? You’re trying to get some work done but another task interrupts your line of thought, something to be added to something, someone to call, something to pick up, that meetingContinue reading “Productivity For Beginners – Two Simple Steps”

The easiest way to start a good habit

To start a habit stick it to a habit you already have What is a habit? A habit is an automated action. An action you do not have to think through or plan. A habit is something you do without even noticing. Turning on the lights as you come into your room becomes a habit.Continue reading “The easiest way to start a good habit”