Design Your Environment for Success – Home Office Edition

There are numerous factors that determine how likely you are to succeed in achieving your goals. Motivation, self-discipline, consistency being top of mind.

One factor that is often overlooked is your environment. The place where you work and things you surround yourself with can set you up for either success or failure.

If you work in an office you have little to no say in what your environment is. Fortunately most of the companies know the basics of setting up a productivity focused environment and this is something they have already taken care of.

The challenge is to be able to create an efficient and productive work environment in your home. The place you are usually using for fun and rest is often not designed to foster productivity.

Your environment can be designed in a way to help you make better decisions with ease. It can make self-discipline come easy, increasing your productivity.

A supportive environment can improve your focus and boost motivation.

How do you create an environment that improves your odds of success

  • Create a dedicated workspace for each activity you’d like to focus on (work/studying, cooking, hobbies)

Having a dedicated workstation helps you stay focused and productive. Choose a space with enough natural light. Make sure it contains all the tools and equipment you need to do your job. Having everything you need at arms reach will improve your effectiveness. 

  • Keep your workspace (and home) organized

This saves you time (since you will not be searching for misplaced items) and will improve your focus. The messy surroundings distracts you and increase your stress levels. But don’t stop at your desk. Try to maintain your entire home tidy and organized. This will give a sense of “got-my-life-together-ness” and help with your motivation and overall satisfaction.

  • Take steps to minimize distractions

Keep your phone on silent while working. If that alone doesn’t stop you from getting distracted by it, try putting some distance between you and your phone. Keep it in another room and a distant drawer. Log off all of your social media accounts before you start working. This will add another barrier between your productivity and your distractions.

  • Let natural light in

Studies prove that natural light (or a warm light source) improves productivity, benefits your health and creates a more relaxing environment.

Put a routine in place

Create rituals around beginning and ending your work day. Although it might seem like a dream come true to work in your pajamas, getting dressed for work boosts your productivity and sets you in work mode. 

Routines help make your day more controllable and organized.

Why Having A Routine Is Important & How To Easily Create One

Sitting down at your workspace could mark the formal beginning to your work. 

At the end of the working day, it can be difficult to switch off and get the rest that’s needed to stay productive. Create a short routine at the end of your working day, to signal your brain that it is time to relax. It could be as simple as closing your laptop and tidying your workspace.

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