The new new beginning

Here I go again. Like a smoker who’s attempting to quit for a hundredth time. A new beginning. A new attempt to create the me I’d be proud of. Again.

It got me thinking. Does this have a middle or an end? Not the smoking thing. The “build good habits” thing. The “becoming a better self” thing. The learning of better ways to handle yourself in tough situations. Mindfulness, self-love… Does it end? Do you ever get to a point where you say “I’ve done it. This is the best version of me there is. I can relax now”?


No, you don’t. No one does. 

On this journey every day is day one. Every day is a beginning, an opportunity. A chance to look at life in a different way. A chance to look at yourself in a different way. To try again and do better than you did yesterday. 

And that is the beauty of it. If you didn’t make it yesterday, it is ok. This new day is your new beginning. So start fresh. Start small. Start now.

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