The First Time He Hit Her

The first time he yelled at her she was shocked. 

Ann knew him as a kind and loving man. He was always very gentle with her. Yes, Ann had seen him lose his temper with a waiter once but that guy really got on his nerves. He loves her. 

The first time he got jealous of her going out with friends she was shocked. 

He really got along with Ann’s friends. But Ann had also been quite busy lately with that work project. He probably just missed her, that was all. She should try and spend more time with him instead. He loves her. 

The first time he squeezed her arm so hard it hurt her she was shocked. 

Ann thought she had picked the perfect outfit for the company cocktail event but he was probably right. The dress should have been a more appropriate length. He didn’t want her to embarrass herself. He loves her.


The first time he threatened her she was shocked. 

That girl getaway her friends planned sounded so fun. How could Ann be sure there wouldn’t be any disrespectful men in the resort? How could he protect her if she’s there alone? He loves her. 

The first time he called her a whore she was shocked. 

Ann used to always hug her old high school friends but they are not kids anymore. And she is a married woman now. Ann should have known better. This was disrespectful to the man she loved. He loves her. 

The first time he hit her she was shocked. 

Ann should mind her tone of voice. He has been working so hard lately, and who was she to question him. Ann should know better than to talk back. He has done so much for them, for her. He loves her. 

The last time he hit her she knew. 

Ann slowly slipped out of consciousness as he kept squeezing her throat. At that last moment she knew.

This was not love. 


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