Creating yourself – the pep talk that started my self improvement journey

You don’t find yourself. You will not find yourself on a trip or in a group of people. You will not find yourself in a new job or in a new relationship. Because you are not lost. You never were. So stop looking for yourself.


Create yourself. Build yourself. With hard work and determination. With persistence. Decide what you want to be. Envision it. As vividly as you can. And start working towards creating that version of you. 

You didn’t lose yourself. You destroyed yourself. By making the choices you made. By not putting yourself first. By letting others dictate what your life should be like, what you should act like. Conforming to someone else’s idea of you has destroyed you. Until there weren’t much of you left.

Now choose to re-create yourself. To become the You that you always wanted to be. And start creating. Every minute of every day. Imagine what She would be, what she would do, what she would say. And start creating Her. You. 

It will not be easy. In fact it will be really, really hard. You’ll have to destroy yourself again in order to start building. There will be resistance. There will be pain. You will, at one point, want to give up. Don’t. 

If you truly don’t like your current situation then this is your only choice to get out of it. 

Create the new you. The one that will overcome your current struggles. The You that will make your dreams come true. Create her. Become her.

How? Start small. But start today. And keep going. Every minute of every day. If you get distracted, or lose motivation, it’s ok. Just get back to where you left off. And keep going. She’s waiting for you.

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