The man

She was heading home. The afternoon sun was shining bright. She could feel its warmth on her bare hands. Summer was just around the corner.

She was in her own head. Just finished a work meeting, she was re-playing the conversation in her head, congratulating herself for how calm and confident she acted. A little smug smile was on her face. A rare moment.

Then she felt something was off. Her skin crawled and her stomach got tight. She looked to her left, just as she was about the cross the street, and she saw him. A couple of feet from her was standing a man. She’d never seen him before. The way he was staring at her made her feel uneasy.

She started to cross the street and threw a quick glance in his direction. He was crossing too. A coincidence maybe. He was still staring at her. Or simply looking in her direction? She’s probably imagining things.

She hurried towards her building, turning left, then into the parking lot. Anothee quick glance behind her. He was following her . She was sure now.

Or maybe he was a neighbour. She didn’t know everyone who lived there, it is a big building.

He was still staring.

The front door of the building was opened, she almost ran in. Panic was running through her vains. She was breathing heavily, there were 1000 scenarios running through her mind and it was blank at the same time.

What do I do? Do I wait for the elevator? No. He’ll see what floor the elevator stops on, and he will know where I live. Is he behind me? Do I run upstairs? Do I knock on a door and ask for help?

Help from what? Am I even sure he is following me? Don’t be silly, you’re imagning stuff.

She ran up the stairs. Three, maybe four floors. Then looked out the stairway window. He was there. In the parking lot. Staring at her.


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