Stick with it

Three days in I have nothing to write about.

OK that’s not true. I have unstructured thoughts. I also have a lot going on in my day today and my mind is filled with tasks, schedules, meetings, worry. So much that I thought to skip the writing today.

And here is where determination kicks in. When you know in your heart and mind that you absolutely have to do something you get up and do it. No matter how tired or distracted you are. No matter how little time you have. No matter how much you want (NEED!) to sleep in just this one day. You get up and you do it.

I will not even read what I’m writing right now. I may not even have the time to read it today with the busy day I have in front of me. But I am here. I showed up. I am making the concious effort to stick with it. I have no idea where this writing journey will lead me. Maybe a to dream or two? That hope, that vision of a dream come true should be enough to sit me in front the computer.

A couple of years ago I did not have the same level of discipline. I did a little writing, it didn’t “pay off” instantly so I just quit. Then a couple of months later I’d feel the need to start over. And this cycle would repeat again and again. Maybe I had to grow up more, to experience more before being able to commit to such a journey.

This morning starting was hard. But once I let my thoughts flow I do not want to stop. I must though, as life awaits…


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