The Easy Start

As I am embarking on this jourey I started searching for tips and best practises on writing. It seems a lot of people have trouble starting to write. I don’t. In fact I have started a number of times. I have at least 4 different blogs started, each with 2-5 posts. I start each time inspiration hits me. After the first 2-3 posts I feel empty of ideas. It becomes a pain to try and think of what to write about. I start to doubt myself. Who is ever going to read this stuff? There are many other blogs out there, much better writers. How can I ever compete with them?

I bet you they felt the same way when they were starting.

Just this morning I was listening to a meditation practise about silenting your inner critic. These nagging little voices telling you you’re not good enough. So timely.

I may not be good enough. Yet. But I will better myself. With practise. With patience. With kindness to myself and to my process.

Starting is the easy part. Sticking with it is what’s hard. Finding motivation to keep going even when you feel it’s not working. Even when you feel it’s not turning out the way you imagined it would. Just show up and do it.


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