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Emotional Awareness For Beginners

Modern researchers identify emotions as a pattern of reactions whose purpose is to adapt and react to a situation quickly and with minimal cognitive intervention. Emotions are our guidance system.…

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Don’t take it personally, but…

When you take things personally your fight or flight response is triggered. You might feel obliged to defend yourself or you might close up and withdraw, feeling inadequate and ashamed.…

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The new new beginning

Here I go again. Like a smoker who’s attempting to quit for a hundredth time. A new beginning. A new attempt to create the me I’d be proud of. Again.…

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The First Time He Hit Her

The first time he yelled at her she was shocked.  Ann knew him as a kind and loving man. He was always very gentle with her. Yes, Ann had seen…

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The Life I Never Lived

The hurt. The pain. The darkness. It drags you to its depths, to the never ending abyss. Drowning in sorrow. In broken dreams. In the life that never was. When…

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The man

She was heading home. The afternoon sun was shining bright. She could feel its warmth on her bare hands. Summer was just around the corner. She was in her own…

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Stick with it

Three days in I have nothing to write about. OK that’s not true. I have unstructured thoughts. I also have a lot going on in my day today and my…

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The Easy Start

As I am embarking on this jourey I started searching for tips and best practises on writing. It seems a lot of people have trouble starting to write. I don’t.…

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Introducing Myself

How should I start? I want to write. It has been in my mind for a long time. Over the years I’ve started a number of “blogs” with some or…

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